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Angie Cox of YouLookFab.com at Fashion Week--photo by Gregory Cox (permission to use granted)

She started Youlookfab.com as a way to tell people more about personal styling and turned it into a world where women from all over can connect and be included in an intelligent and supportive community based around personal fashion. Angie Cox nicely took time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions about her career, her Youlookfab.com site, and a few fashion tips through e-mail.

Q: You studied psychology and fashion design in school so what made you choose to be a stylist?

A: Becoming a fashion stylist was a logical career step. After being a fashion designer and buyer for several years and thereby working for someone else – I really wanted to be my own boss. My years of mileage in the international fashion game was the perfect tool for this career change.

Q: How long have you worked as a personal stylist? Has it always been in the Seattle area? I know you’ve lived in the Hong Kong, South Africa, France and the US. If you have worked in more than one place, which place did you like working in better and why?

A: I have been a professional fashion stylist for almost 5 years – as long as YLF has been around. Most of my clients are in the Seattle area but I consult internationally as far as Europe and Australia. Also, clients travel from all over the US and Canada to engage in my services here in Seattle. I’ve enjoyed working in all the cities in which I’ve lived and traveled to. Couldn’t pick a favourite.

Q: You say in your profile on your blog that you spend one day every fortnight working as a volunteer stylist for Dress For Success Seattle, what is your draw for working for the nonprofit organization?

A: Working at DFS Seattle is a good fit. I enjoy giving back to the community and seeing the power of a fab outfit bring great joy to someone’s less than fab life. There really is no substitute for that type of power. A little bit of magic on the outside brings out busloads of magic on the inside. Fact!

Q: What is your goal with youlookfab.com? How has that goal changed over time? I know a few years ago it was mainly just blog based and then you expanded with forums and more. Why did you want to add this other aspect to your site?

A: The goal of YLF is to be the best online fashion and style site in the world. Teaching people how to do it themselves is appealing, tangible and cost effective.

On YLF we encourage a global spirit as the world gets smaller with each passing year. Connecting people through a supportive and intelligent community is where it’s at, so almost three years ago we added a forum to our site. YLF is not just a blog – but a social fashion network which unites people from all over the world cutting across barriers to age, size, body type and budget. That’s pretty powerful and very scalable.

Q: Do you feel that your blog has opened doors to you that you couldn’t have gotten anywhere else?

A: Of course!!! I do not advertise my services. YLF is my professional platform. Our site traffics a million page views a month. I would never have been able to reach as many people with my expertise without YLF.

Q: Fashion wise, what is your favorite trend of this season? Do you think it will continue for a couple more seasons? Do you think it is a trend that most women could pull off?

A: I’m a big jacket and boots gal. Love all the military, tuxedo and moto detailing on jackets and coats this season. Not to mention the selection of boots. The devil is in the detail – absolutely everyone can wear boots and jackets when they select silhouettes that work for them – AND make it their own.

Q: What is your least favorite trend this season? What makes it so displeasing to you?

A: Cropped pants. It’s so leg shortening unless worn with sky scraping heels. And while we’re on the subject of sky scraping heels – far too many of those around too.

Q: And last but not least: What fashion item do you think is timeless? Something that can be worn any season, any year, and still look stylish?

A: There are several! A great pair of straight leg or bootcut jeans, a soft boxy blouse, riding boots, and tailored blazer.