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By Kristina B. Used under CC License

There are blogs for everything. People blog about their lives, their thoughts, their interests, and what is going on in the world. Whatever your interests are, there will be a blog that fits your specific interests. And if there isn’t, maybe you should start one.

Blogs are not just for the people who write them; they are intended for an audience and discourse.

So let’s say cooking is one of your interests. There are many blogs that cater to you, and in many different ways. Some food blogs only focus on desserts, some on restaurants. And some focus on every possible thing that can be connected to food.

A food blog called Orangette, written by a Seatteite named Molly Wizenburg, ranges from everything from life, to main courses, to desserts, to random odds and ends. Wizenburg started out writing in 2004 about food and life and soon enough a following caught on.

People requested she write a book, so now you can find her memoirs and recipes book at bookstores across the country. She opened her own restaurant. Not to mention, as stated on her about page, she met her husband through her blog (talk about modern day living).

Occasionally, Wizenburg will write about good books that cross her path; she’ll write about new foods she discovers or new recipes. She’ll write about what is going on behind the kitchen doors of her restaurant (nothing too revealing though). She writes about her life and her interests.

So what is it that people are so intrigued by that keeps them coming back? For one, reading Wizenburg’s blog is enjoyable. And for all her recent success, she seems really down to earth and personable. Another, her recipes are fantastic. And she almost always has an amazing recipe at the end of a post.

Want success as a writer just as Wizenburg has had (was it mentioned that she also writes a column for Bon Appétit because of her blog)?

“Start a blog,” Wizenburg says on her about page.

Wizenburg writes that you need to “write honestly and thoughtfully about what moves you” to really be noticed in the literary world. And, of course, the more writing you do, the better you get.

And she’s right. One of the most important ways for an audience to really connect with you as a writer is for you to be truthful, thoughtful and passionate about what you are writing. Good blogs are able to connect with people not just on an information base, but also on an emotional and personal base.

Blogging is a conversation, and good blogs are able to continue and support that dialogue between the writer and the audience.