Behind the Curtain

This blog was originally started during my last year at the University of Oregon as a mandatory assignment for a couple of my journalism classes. I am continuing it to keep a log of my experiences in Asturias, Spain. Mainly for family and friends, I hope to update it frequently to help give them a better understanding of what my life is like as a teacher and living abroad, and to keep them in the loop. Hopefully, it will also be helpful to those who are also looking into teaching abroad.

I am the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of HardCider International. The magazine launched June 20, 2011, and so far it has been a great experience and I am so excited to see what comes from it in the future. The hope? Cider (hard cider) will be a household word and people will not shy away from it thinking it is an alternative wine-cooler–because it’s not. At all.

I am also an English teacher, currently teaching in Asturias, Spain. I will have my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate within the next couple months. Very excited to have that, and if anyone is looking into doing the online course I highly recommend it.

I graduated from the School of Journalism and Communications at the University of Oregon, with a BA in Magazine Journalism and a minor in Japanese Language, Literature and Culture.

I like learning about cultures and really trying to understand them. I love to travel: I travel as often as the bankbook allows. And teaching English abroad helps me do that easier. Learning new languages makes me feel powerful and very stupid, all at the same time. I have lived abroad multiple times, and speak English and Spanish and am conversational in Japanese (after a little brush-up… it’s been awhile).

Give me good food, good beer, cider and/or wine, and good company, and I’m as happy as can be.

All photography is taken by me, unless otherwise stated. Header image included. Please do not reuse my photography without asking first.

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