In Navia with Documents and Work

On Sunday I moved to Navia, the small town on the northern coast of Spain (in Asturias) that I’m teaching in. Well, actually, I’ve temporarily moved into the house of my adviser and his family, while I look for a place to live. They live in a nearby village, not in Navia. So far, it’s been really nice staying with his family, but I’m hoping to find a place of my own (or an apartment to rent with other people) soon.

The area is beautiful. Very rural. And the people have so far been very friendly and helpful. I’m excited to start exploring around the area. There are beautiful paths along the cliffs that follow the ocean, and I’m hoping maybe this weekend or next to start trekking around on them. (Right now I’m trying to decide if I should go out for a run after I finish this, or stay in and start working on my TEFL certificate again… it’s so beautiful out, I think the run will probably win.) Continue reading

España Otra Vez: Spain Again


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Window to Ruins in Sintra

Window to Ruins in Sintra

I’m not really sure how I should even start this to be honest. So I’m just letting my mind ramble. I hope you don’t mind.

Two years ago I came to Spain–to Oviedo, Asturias–to study Spain at the University of Oviedo. Many years before that I lived in Barcelona, Spain with my family. And now once again I am back in Spain. Once again in the north, and at the moment (quite brief because I move in 3 hours) in Oviedo. This time I’ve come back to teach English, and am one of 4000 some young people to do so through a grant given by the Spanish government (not just to Americans, but with around twelve different countries, I believe). Of course, as far as I know, I’m the only foreign teacher going to my little town in on the coast of Asturias, nearly on the border of Galicia. Continue reading

The End (of undergrad) Is Here


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Image by Lumaxart. Used under CC license.

Wow. Is it possible? On one side it seems as though the last four years have crawled by; that the time between now and my freshman year is much longer than four years. But on another side, it seems as though it was just yesterday that I lifted my hat at high school graduation. When thinking about graduation, I wonder what will be said at the commencement ceremony.

There will probably be a line somewhere telling us “Do not walk – run. Do not try – succeed. Do not fly – soar,” like the chosen student speaker at Whittier College, Senior Mary “McCall” Schenthal. Continue reading

Rowing at Mt. Olympus


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US Men's Rowing logo by Alex Notman for the US Men's Rowing website

I spent the last weekend (Thursday 19 – Saturday 21, 2011) with the men training for the rowing Worlds, coming up in a few weeks, and the Olympics (London 2012). The experience has been… surreal. A group of us at the University of Oregon are putting together a website for U.S. Men’s National Team for Rowing. (Well, actually there is no team yet. The men at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, are training to become a part of the National team.) We flew down to San Diego and spent the weekend filming, interviewing, photographing and just getting to know the Olympic hopefuls. Continue reading